Local 871 elections occur every three years. The current Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, and Delegates began their term in January 2016.

Board of Directors

Please see bios below.

Executive Officers

President Dawn Gilliam
Vice President Doug Boney
Secretary Sandy Fleck
Treasurer Michael Williams
Sergeant-At-Arms      Lisa McNeil



Pamela Brown
Miranda Cristofani
Andrea Friedland
R. Kyle Hiemenz
RJ Hume
Carol Kiefer
Lesli Lytle
Rhona Rubio
Dee Schuka
Charlene Wallis


Board of Trustees


Jennifer Freed Production Accountant
Tracy Moody Script Supervisor
Marilyn Penn-Lindley Production Accountant
Michele Tedlis Sorbo Script Supervisor
Marvel Wakefield Script Supervisor




Shaun Blanc Teleprompter Operator
Doug Boney Production Coordinator
Sara Chaiken Production Coordinator
Miranda Cristofani Art Department Coordinator
Sandy Fleck Script Supervisor
Andrea A. Friedland Production Coordinator
Dawn Gilliam Script Supervisor
RJ Hume Production Coordinator
Carol Kiefer Art Department Coordinator
Suzan Lowitz Script Supervisor
Lesli Lytle Script Supervisor
Lisa McNeil Script Supervisor
Heidi Nakamura Assistant Business Representative
Marilyn Penn-Lindley Production Accountant
Rhona Rubio Script Supervisor
Leslie Simon Business Representative
Michele Tedlis Sorbo Script Supervisor
Charlene Wallis Teleprompter Operator
Michael Williams Production Accountant
Rebecca Young Art Department Coordinator

Board of Directors - Bios

Executive Officers

This is my 40th year in the entertainment business. I worked as talent for 13 years and am a current member of SAG-AFTRA. I've been a Script Supervisor since 1990 and have been training Script Supervisors for over 20 years.

I’m the daughter of an Air Force Sargent who traveled his family around the world, which gave me a unique perspective about working with people for the common good. My goals for Local 871 revolve around getting members engaged in the Local’s affairs. I want to create an atmosphere in which members can express their ideas and concerns.

I have served on the Board of Directors from 2013 until the present, and as President since 2016.

I have been working in Film & TV since 2001 and joined IATSE Local 871 as an APOC in 2007. Soon after joining the Local, I joined the Constitution & Bylaws Committee and the Diversity Committee. I was previously on the Board of Directors for the Local starting in 2013 and currently serve as Vice President. I have also served as a Delegate for the Local since 2012. I currently work as a Production Coordinator, mainly in TV and work part-time as the Business Representative for IATSE Local 884, The Studio Teachers. In 2018, I was appointed by IATSE President Matthew Loeb to represent the IATSE on the National Executive Board of Pride@Work, an LGBTQ labor organization affiliated with the AFL-CIO.

In addition to my work in IATSE, I am a member of PEN Center USA. 


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Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Entered this division of the entertainment industry in 1985 after studying computer science at small, no longer in existence private college. November 1985 started work as mainframe computer operator with DISC Payroll Service (which would become Entertainment Partners in 1988). I Left EP in 1992 and went freelance as an Assistant Production Accountant. In March of 1998 I returned to the payroll service/technology sector by going to work for AXIUM. Stayed at AXIUM for nine years after which I began to freelance in production accounting once again. I have worked as a freelance Production Accountant specializing in payroll since that time.

I originally joined IATSE Local 717 in 1994. I was not in the union when Local 717 and the crafts represented were folded into Local 871. I have held an AFTRA card, an AF of M (American Federation of Musicians) card and an IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) card in my professional life time though I do not possess such affiliations at this time.

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I have worked in the Entertainment Industry in different capacities for over 30 years. As a model/actress, I was a member of SAG/AFTRA before the two unions joined together as one. My claim to fame – I was the Honda Scooters Girl. After modeling/acting, I worked for MGM studios in Post Production for several years, and then plunged headstrong into production when I served as the Associate Producer for the 1997 Academy Award-nominated documentary feature, “Colors Straight Up.” On Honorable Withdrawal from SAG/AFTRA, I now work behind the scenes as a Production Coordinator in Television. Currently serving my first term as a member of the Board of Directors, I have been an active member of Local 871 for thirteen years.

I have been a working Art Department Coordinator for over 12 years, working primarily in commercials.  I currently sit on the Board of Directors, am a Delegate, and chair the Art Department Coordinators Public Relations Committee.  I am also a member of Local 800 Art Directors Guild, and both Art Direct and Asst. Art Direct.  I am the Creative Director at Junior visionaries and Jv Camp, a digital media organization that ignites and inspires young people to share their voice, take on leadership and create real and lasting through visual digital media.  I am the captain of the Video Media Department at Ground Game LA, a progressive grass roots political organization serving Los Angeles.  Last but not least I am a mother to my wonderful and inspiring son, and reside in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

I have worked in the entertainment industry my entire working career in many different capacities. Specific to the IATSE and production, I started in theatre and then moved into film and television, first as an Assistant Director and then as a Production Coordinator. After working production for many years, I joined IATSE Local 871 in 2005 as a Production Coordinator and added the craft of Assistant Production Accountant in 2017. I served as Ombudsman for two sets of internal charges in 2006-2007 and as Interim Assistant Business Rep for about 9 months in 2007. I have served on the Board and as a Delegate 2007-2009 and 2013 to the present. I have also served on and continue to serve on numerous committees for Local 871. I have attended IATSE COMET Training, am a graduate of the IATSE Officer Institute and have a Certificate in Basic Labor Leadership Skills from Cornell University.

Other relevant work experience includes working Equity Summer Stock, Off-Broadway and for a Broadway Producer, credits as a Production Supervisor, Production Manager and Associate Producer on single and multi-camera projects, and significant experience as a Business & Legal Affairs and Production Attorney. I have also worked in the US and overseas.

Current additional professional affiliations are:
Member and Business Representative, IATSE Local 15
Producers Guild of America
Women in Film
State Bars of California, New York and Massachusetts
American Bar Association

I am committed to educating our members, in particular our next generation of leaders. I welcome communication from any and all members of the Local, as well as from potential members, to answer questions, bounce around ideas, etc.

I have been working in the film industry for 12 years, mostly in Texas and Louisiana. I came to LA 4 1/2 years ago and immediately joined 871 as a Production Coordinator. After the first 2 1/2 years, I really found my footing in LA and decided to challenge myself with growth. I joined the 871 Board of Directors and moved into Production Supervising. After 2 more years, I have found my way to the Mark Gordon Company where I supervise all of our Television projects. Between Local 871 and my work at MGC, I hope to continue to help other coordinators with their growth and trajectory while fighting for improvements in rates and job opportunities.

Well, I guess this year may be the 35th year I have been in the biz. I have worn almost every hat starting in the Midwest. When I moved to LA, I started working as an AD. I moved into the office to learn how the other half works and be as well rounded as I can for producing opportunities. I have been a Production Coordinator since 2001 for TV and features. My business partner (an award winning writer) and I have a production company to produce features and presently a children’s educational series. All projects have been met with great interest from all levels of the industry. This business has offered incredible experiences. I have been asked to occasionally teach others that are new to the biz and have served on the Producers Guild Board of Directors for over 6 years within my 16 year membership and presently serve on their AP Council which will be around the 13th year. Lastly, I am involved with a couple charities, one of which is a school that runs on shoestrings in South Central LA. Lately, we’ve been able to provide dozens of computers and now some script writing software to open the creative channels they wouldn’t normally be offered and give them the same opportunities that other schools provide.

Before working in the art department, I worked briefly in visual effects as an assistant VFX coordinator. I have been an Art Department Coordinator since 1993 and I work primarily in feature films and commercials. In 1993, I helped start a grass-roots effort to organize fellow Art Department Coordinators and we were eventually assigned to Local 717 before transferring to Local 871 several years later. I served one term as a Board member in Local 717 and I am serving my third term as a Board member in Local 871. Additionally, I’ve represented the Local as a delegate for several terms. I am also a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1998.

I am a Script Supervisor with over ten years experience. I studied my craft under the tutelage of Bob Gary, who previously held the office of Treasurer of our Local, and was a Script Supervisor with a vast history in the industry. Bob instilled in me, the importance of being a union member. I fought long and hard to become a part of the IATSE.
I have been a member of Local 871 since 2011. I walked my first strike line two months after my swearing in, proudly wearing my IATSE Local 871 tee. It wasn’t long after that I was elected as a Delegate and began to represent the Local in an official capacity.
In 2013, a rare opportunity to presented itself and I was afforded the chance to join Local 44 as a Property person. I naturally accepted the challenge.
Now, I am a dues paying, dual card carrying, involved activist for Locals 871 and 44. Organization, attention to detail, and a fierce respect for continuity suit both positions.

A native of Los Angeles, California, I attended UCLA and California State University, Northridge, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics.

After 17 years in the music business, I transitioned to script supervising. With an additional 13 years invested in the film/TV industry, I am a member of not just one but two IATSE Locals - IATSE 871 since 2012 (Board Member and Delegate since 2016); and Local 488 (member since 2008). Former affiliation: WIF Seattle. I train script supervising and digital script supervising privately.

I have been working as a Post Accountant at Trevanna Post, Inc. since 2004.  The first several years of this time were spent in NY as a member of Local 161.  In 2010, I relocated to Los Angeles and transferred to Local 871.

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